Mitsuru Ashikawa
Mitsuru Artwork
Japanese ミツル
Romaji Mitsuru
Age 11 (anime/game/novel), 14 (manga)
Height 160cm
Weight 48kg
Job Mage
Brave Soul Unknown
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Romi Park

Mitsuru is a character introduced in Brave Story: Wataru's Adventure. He is a Traveler and is Wataru's best friend and rival.

Brave Story: New TravelerEdit

A mysterious young mage traveler with a rather cold and condescending tone toward Tatsuya, whom he meets early on. He is Wataru's best friend. Though he assists Tatsuya for a brief time, he has no intention of being his friend or ally as he has his own agenda regarding the gemstones.

When Tatsuya was separated from the group in the Desert Ruins, he was found by Mitsuru. Mitsuru sees Tatsuya's Traveler's Sword and claimed that he is a Traveler just like him, much to his dislike. Because both of them didn't know the way out and that a magical barrier is preventing Mitsuru to teleport, the two decided to explore the ruins together.

As they explore the ruins, they found the seal that causes the magical barrier. After they unseal the barrier, Mitsuru part ways with Tatsuya.


  • Out of all the guest characters, Mitsuru has the shortest time spent with Tatsuya.
  • Despite having all five gemstones, Mitsuru's staff doesn't change in appearance in the clear game data of Brave Story: New Traveler.