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Meena Artwork
Japanese ミナ
Romaji Mina
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job Unknown
Brave Soul Unknown
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Chiwa Saitō

Meena is a kitkin in the Brave Story series. She travels alongside Wataru on his quest in Vision.


Brave Story: New TravelerEdit

Wataru, along with Meena and Kee Keema, first appeared in Bog-Sasaya Border when Yuno and Sogreth were accused of being the bandits by the Knights of Stengel. The Knight were to arrest them because Yuno and Sogreth are a kitkin and a waterkin, respectively, with Firewyrm Rings. Kee Keema suggested that they arrest him and Meena because he and Meena are a waterkin and a kitkin, respectively, too. Leynart, Captain of the Knights of Stengel, ignored Kee Keema's suggestion for they were wearing Firewyrm bands instead of rings. Then Wataru suggested that they capture the real bandits with Tatsuya] to clear Yuno and Sogreth's names. On their way to find the bandits, Tatsuya and the others saw the bandits stealing from a merchant in the middle of the road to the Bandit's Hideout. As they found the bandits' hideout, Tatsuya, Wataru and Meena were surprised that the bandits were a group of Kitkin and Waterkin triplets, much to Meena's confusion. After they finally caught all the bandits, the Knights of Stengel arrived to arrest the bandits. Leynart apologized for the inconvenience and invited the whole group for a meal, which Yuno ate the most of.

When there as no more reason to stay, Team Wataru departed on their own journey.


Meena, as suggested by her kitkin race, has a cat-girl appearance. She has red hair and blue eyes. Meena wears a yellow dress and purple robe with an orange bow tied to her waist, and brown pointed shoes. She also wears a pink headband with a jewel on it. Her tail also has a pink bow tied around it.


  • Kee Keema told exaggerated stories about Yuno to Meena. This lead her to idolize Yuno.
  • Meena and Yuno shares the same healing-type Bravura Skills.